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TIME STANDS STILL FOR NO ONE: On the 6th of December 2018 my ouma closed her eyes for the last time. This post is about accepting her loss, celebrating her journey and wishing the world could stand still for just a moment.  /

EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON: If you have ever thought the phrase ‘Everything happens for a reason’ is utter BS, then this is the blog post for you!!!   /

WHY WOMEN ARE SO PARANOID: Women and men view the world differently in so many unique ways.  This post focuses on safety and security, particularly from a point of view of a woman living in South Africa                                                                                 /

PRECLAMPSIA AND HELLP SYNDROME: Some insight into statistics behind premature birth, preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome, through the eyes, experience and research of someone who has lived it herself.  No, I’m not a medical professional, and by the time you read this it is highly likely that new discoveries have been made, new medical advances have taken place, treatment protocols may have changed.

CALL ME MOMMY: My first blog post discussing our situation a few short days before our daughter was delivered at 26 weeks and 3 days gestation.

HOSPITAL FOOD: I experienced what we presumed at the time to be food poisoning from hospital food. It was one of the most harrowing nights of my life and a precursor of things to come.

THE HEARTBREAKING AND FORBIDDEN TOPIC OF ABORTION: A topic that brings out the best and worse in people. One which most people fear to discuss openly and one which is often misunderstood, particularly when late term abortion is the topic on hand.

THE RASH: I developed a rash shortly before Charlotte was born. At the time it was something put down to the varied medley of medication I was on combined possibly with yet another case of food poisoning. The reality was that it was one of the final symptoms indicating that my organs were slowly shutting down.

MILKING THE COW: A torrid tale of my breasts and their new purpose in life after the birth of our daughter.

SHIT HAPPENS: You cannot predict the outcome of your pregnancy, or life in general. Nothing is guaranteed, shit happens.

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT: The changes I experienced after delivering our daughter via a caesarean section and recovery from pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome.

LOSING THAT LAST SHRED OF DIGNITY: Falling ill with my first cold while Charlotte was in the NICU, as well as throwing out my back and neck.

THE BLUSHING SMILEY: The changes we experience to our body after the birth of our children via a cesarean section.

THE MIGHTY MOUSE: An update of our daughter and her progress while in the NICU.

54 DAYS: Details and updates relating to our daughter and her stay up to that point in the NICU.

DEAR NICU MOMMY: A letter to every new mom entering the NICU for the first time.

THE REAL WORLD: Our daughter has been home for three weeks, this is where we are.

OUR DAUGHTER IS PERFECT: This one is self explanatory 🙂

IT’LL COME NATURALLY: When things don’t go to plan with your newborn. When all the books are wrong and you don’t know what to do.

REFLUX: Our introduction and journey through the start of diagnosing reflux and the devastating the effects it has had on our child.

WHEN SHARING ISN’T CARING: My take on vaccinations…..

TRUST ISSUES: Our journey into oral aversion…

THE UNFRIEND ZONE: The loneliness I experience after having a medically fragile newborn.

FORMULA WARS: Fed is best, but what do you do when your child needs to be supplimented

HELP FEED CHARLOTTE – PART ONE: Our daughter is shutting down from food, she’s refusing to drink and nobody seems to be able to help us or guide us. We are terrified and are reaching out for anyone to help us.

HELP FEED CHARLOTTE – PART TWO: We sent a plea for help with our daughter and we received some amazing support…

HERE i COME A WADDLING AWAY: My struggle to gain control of my weight and health, for our daughter.

OH TO BE SO BEAUTIFULLY NAIVE: We all have an idea of how we will be as parents….

THE STORM CHASER: A tale of the worlds most phenomenal gynae.

LIVING WITH THE FEAR: Our daughters oral aversion is a constant source of fear and terror.


I CHEATED ON MY DAUGHTER: And I’m not ashamed of it….



OUR FIRST ILLNESS: Charlotte, our micro preemie has her first illness post NICU.

CHARLOTTE TURNS ONE: Our beautiful, amazing little miracle daughter turns one year old.

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