This is us…

15844671_10154966328387664_8363068514837208866_oMy husband and I are the proud parents to a micro prem girl born at 26 weeks.  She was born due to severe and early onset pre eclampsia and hellp syndrome.

I spent four weeks in hospital prior to her birth in an attempt to keep her in for as long as possible before my body failed us both and we had no choice but to deliver her to save both our lives.

This is the story of our struggles and triumphs of dealing with prematurity, fighting to survive and attempting to tackle all the aspects of life that comes with raising not only a micro premature child, but one that also incredibly strong willed and determined to make herself seen and heard in this world.

We share our stories and experiences in the hopes that we are able to help others who find themselves in the same situation.

It is a wild ride, full of emotions and struggles that you will struggle to comprehend or explain to those who have not gone down the same road.

We hope our journey offers insight, light and love to you.

I welcome anyone who has any questions to contact me.