Onwards and upwards


Today was a big day for us! With our beautiful daughter about to turn four years old (how is this even possible!!!!) comes the necessity for a checkup with her paediatrician.

These visits always fill me with trepidation. Will she do well? Where have we fallen short on raising her? Have we done enough? Is she growing? If she isn’t, what are we going to do?

Add to this that we needed to do this in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and see her paediatrician in a hospital currently greating Covic-19 patients, and I was suitably on edge about the whole thing.

It’s been a rocky year so far, for most of us I suspect. None of us saw this pandemic coming, especially not on the scale that it has. We never envisioned the draconian and multitude of seemingly illogical regulations placed upon us by our government (a topic for another day perhaps). We never imagined our lives being uprooted to this extent. But here we are and we’ve all been navigating it as best we can.

The changes for our children are also incredibly stressful, their entire worlds are turned upside down and each child deals with it in their own way. For Charlotte, as always, her control point is food, so when she is stressed, she doesn’t eat, or rather thankfully now, doesn’t eat well. Her weight has fluctuated so much this year, every gram that she gained over the last year was lost, then gained, then lost again. I dreaded the moment we got to having to weigh her.

Let me just say, she was an absolute rock star. We’ve been working on getting her comfortable with the idea of wearing a mask for a few weeks now, for such a situation. And she aced it! With flying colours!

So we arrived for our appointment, hand sanitisers and masks donned and ready for action. After filling out questionnaires and having temperatures checked we were permitted to enter the hospital and make our appointment.

The results of which are thrilling to say the least. I could do a happy dance out in the road right now (if only it were allowed) and shout out some kind of primitive victory cry!

Our little miracle aced her checkup with flying colours! From head circumference, height, brain development, muscle toning and everything in between, she is perfectly healthy and excelling in her growth and development! Sure, her weight is not as expected for a child of her age and stature, but as we learned a long time ago, weight isn’t everything!!!

She is now in the 50th percentile for height! Unbelievable if one considers how slender her frame is and how tiny she was in comparison to her full term peers that she was expected to keep up with!

She is officially declassified as being orally aversive but likely has a form of Neo-phobia (a fear of trying anything new, food in particular for her, as food is her control source). This is a big one for us and her journey, to officially put that chapter of her life behind us is just mind-blowing!

So tonight while she sleeps in her chosen spot (amongst her teddies in their camp-cot) I’ll do my silent celebratory dance (so that I don’t wake up sleeping beauty)