The Blushing Smiley


My hubby pointed out that I suddenly have stretchmarks on my belly.

I could have sworn they weren’t there last week. I know with absolute certainty that they definitely weren’t there before or during my pregnancy. Magical, mystical, angry red stretchmarks on either side of my belly button (which is about as big at the Kimberly Hole at present) which seemed to appear overnight.

Instead of being angry about these stretch marks, I’m opting to view them as a trophy, a consolation prize from my caesarean, badges of honour to prove that in spite of not being able to go full term with my pregnancy, that I did in fact have a child and I did suffer through the pain and discomfort of delivery.

I had a drastic amount of sudden swelling in the last few days prior to my caesarean (I lost 9kg worth of fluid in the week after), add to that the obligatory swelling one can expect from abdominal surgery and suddenly the mysterious stretchmarks make sense. I feel the standard sense of pride that I suspect most mothers feel of their stretchmarks, and also a little sadness at knowing that my belly will never quite look the same again.

I’m going to think of those stretchmarks as the blushing cheeks to my newly acquired smiley physique. I’m going to do a photoshoot to embrace this uniqueness as well at some point, after I’ve been given my doctors blessings to get back to exercising, you know, to get rid of those cottage cheese thighs that I mentioned in a previous blog, those, I’m most certainly not proud of and am not willing to embrace. I suppose we all have flaws on our body that we are ashamed of!

For preggy mommies out there though, I would highly recommend the belly balm that I was using during my pregnancy, it really did help prevent stretchmarks (I started showing quite early on in my pregnancy and my belly grew quite rapidly). I use it now to relieve the skin irritation I feel from the stretchmarks. The balm is Nolie Belly Balm, all natural, all devine goodness tucked into a little bottle of bliss. It smells amazing and feels like heaven!!!

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